Agenda 2020


The Second Hands

Bucarest Biennale, Bucarest


All Things Want to


FLAM Festival, Amsterdam

Having a background in fine art and design, I am a choreographer and dance and performance researcher and teacher. Since the beginning of my practice as choreographer, I have been working in collaboration with architects, filmmakers, visual artists, writers, besides other dance makers. To work in collaboration means for me to create platforms for understanding relations and unfolding perspectives. Platforms where to bring methodologies from different fields to fluctuate, proposing every entity to become porous, multifaceted.
My practice, both as maker and as teacher, is currently focused on understanding bodies and movement within the philosophical frame of thinking-doing. This frame proposes to look at the constellations of human and no-human bodies, trespassing and pre-staging their semantic registration. To understand the body as a place for potentiality, a place for study before thought and impression are formed. Within this frame, I am developing a practice which I call “corporeal soft questioning”. This practice focuses on the duration of activity and its politics, on the exploration of the relation  between corporeal techniques and ethics by creating situations for embodying impossibilities and playing with not knowing.